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How to install

Your Vinyl Stickers

Below are the steps for installing vinyl stickers on your car, window, or other smooth, clean surfaces. This guide is particularly helpful for installing thin non-laminated stickers bubble-free. Looking to install vinyl car or window decals? Check out our guide to installing vinyl decals.

install vinyl decals


Clean the window or surface you are applying the decal. Use a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol. Then, allow the surface to dry.

2 Peel Part Way

Peel a little bit of the backing from the sticker.

3 Press

Press flat on the side you removed the backing from. You should have one side flat to your surface. The other side should still have backing. (creating a hinge)

4 Apply

Follow the length of the sticker with a credit card at a slight angle allowing the backing to feel off evenly as you go.

5 Done

You should now have a flat, bubble-free sticker.