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Promote your business with stickers

10 Ways to Promote Your Business with Stickers.

Stickers can be a great tool for promoting your business. They’re inexpensive, easy to distribute, and it’s fun to collect them! This article will go over 10 ways that you can use stickers as promotional products.

1.  Put stickers on your products

The first way you can distribute stickers is by placing them on your products. If you produce any kind of product, put stickers on it! This will give your customers the opportunity to collect them and show off their collection.

This is an especially great idea if you have products that people want multiple copies of, like t-shirts or mugs. Put a sticker on each one so they have something to collect after they buy all the products!

If you are advertising for a concert, put stickers on the concert tickets so people have something to collect.

Stickers are very inexpensive but can be used in many ways to promote your brand.

2.  Use stickers for branding and logos

Logos and branding are important for promoting your business and gaining customers.

Stickers can help you increase awareness of your brand. You can put stickers on anything: vehicles, desktops, laptops, and even water bottles. This gives you the opportunity to spread your company logo to a wide audience without spending a lot of money.

Additionally, stickers help create a feeling of community among members of your brand’s target audience. The more people that use stickers that represent your company, the more they’ll feel like part of the family.

3.  Give stickers to loyal customers

One of the best ways to use stickers is to give them to your loyal customers. This can be an excellent way to get customers to re-purchase your products, get new customers excited about your business, and create trust between you and your customers.

This can serve as a great marketing technique if you are trying to promote a new product or service. Handing out free samples of your products is also one of the most effective methods for getting people interested in buying your product.

Stickers are also an inexpensive means of marketing because they’re so affordable! You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to hand out some stickers. This makes it possible for businesses that are on a budget or just starting up on their own, like startups, to take advantage of this type of marketing strategy.

4.  Share them with people in the community

A great way to use stickers is by sharing them with people in your community.

Let’s say you’re a wedding planner, for example. If you have clients that are getting married locally, you could give them your business card in a sticker form so they can stick it on their fridge or put it on their front door. This is a good way to reach people in the community who may not know about your business.

You can also share stickers with people at events, trade shows, and conferences. Give away small packets of stickers to attendees at these events and they’ll be more likely to remember your company when they need to hire a company like yours!

5.  Make a sticker album

Give your customers the ability to collect stickers of your own design. Create a sticker album that can be printed on paper or added to their physical photo album. This is a great way to promote your brand because customers are more likely to display it in their home, workplace, or other public area.

Customers will want to collect stickers from you because they’ll want to have a complete sticker album for themselves! The best part? You won’t have to do much marketing because customers will be interested in collecting them.

6.  Send free stickers with purchases

One way to use stickers as promotional products is by offering them with purchases. If your customers are buying a mug, for example, you can give them a sticker with their purchase. This is another easy way to get more people to buy from you.

You can also work out discounts or free shipping when you purchase stickers. For example, if someone buys 500 stickers at $1 each, they might get free shipping on their order of 500 stickers.

Lastly, you can create contests where you offer prizes in exchange for people’s contact information. You could make the prize be a sticker!

7.  Give away prizes with stickers

Stickers are the perfect way to distribute your promotional product for free. You can place these stickers on in-store products or you can hand them out to customers. These can be stickers of your logo, or you can give away prizes that are only available with stickers.

This is a great way to get your brand out there without spending any money on advertisements. Think about where you could strategically place these stickers, and then get creative!

Are you selling candles? Put a sticker of your logo on the candle’s box or on each individual candle.

Do you own a restaurant? Put stickers with your restaurant’s name and logo at the front door, at the restrooms, and near food stations.

Do you have an event coming up? Make sure people know about it by handing out promotional items with stickers advertising the event on them.

8.  Create a sticker club for your brand

One of the best ways to use stickers as promotional products is to create a sticker club. This is an option for businesses that want to increase their customer loyalty and offer something exclusive that customers want to buy.

Customers who join your sticker club will be happy with the prospect of receiving new, creative stickers every month. They’ll love seeing their “sticker collection” grow each time they receive a package. And they’ll be excited when it’s time for them to share what they’ve received with their friends!

Sticker clubs are not only useful for increasing customer loyalty, but also can help improve brand awareness. Many customers will post photos of what they received from the sticker club on social media—showing off this fun product from your company!

9.  Add stickers to your packaging

If you have your own products, stickers are a great way to promote them. Stickers can be added to the packaging or on the product itself.

When people receive your product, it’s a great opportunity to give them something that they can use and enjoy. You want to make sure that they remember your business with every touchpoint possible.

You can also use stickers as labels for products like gift baskets or food items.

Sticker design is one of the most fun parts! Think about what best represents your brand and how you would like customers to think of you when they look at your stickers. Do you want your customers to feel excited? Motivated? Excited? Happy?

Stickers are also easy for companies with limited marketing budgets because it’s an inexpensive way to promote their company without spending too much money upfront.

10.  Use stickers as invitations.

One way to use stickers is for invitations. You can send out these stickers that are appropriate to your business, with directions on how to RSVP.

Use stickers to seal envelopes.

Another idea is to use stickers in conjunction with an envelope. Put a sticker of your logo on the back of the envelope and send it out!